Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sara's Birthday

Today is my friend Sara's birthday :) She and her husband Tom are some of the greatest people I've met, ever I think. My BestieMate (Roommate/Best Friend) Sarah met them at work at PetHealth, and through enough imposition and force, I managed to make them my friends as well. They have three cats and love space, which meet most of our friendship criteria, and before you go on to say how common that might be, it's a lot less common than you think! Fortunately for us in the 1003 household, we are both rich in board games and drink as we are rich in love and excellent people skills. 
To be honest, it's a wonder they like us so much, and we are lucky to have them in our lives. Thanks PetHealth! (That's all we're thankful for, now go away PetHealth, you've done enough)

Sara is also a talented and accomplished photographer so you can find both her art and exceedingly popular hair tutorials HERE.

BestieMate Sarah has just begun an amazing blog challenge and you can find her talent and wit HERE

Tom also began this challenge so you can find his writing talents HERE.


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